Challenge: 160 to 1600 before I get (too) senile.

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      This should be easy game.

      As the title suggests I want to go from $160 to $1600 before I get too doddery to click the mouse and moan about the price of beer at the same time, so I'd better hurry the hell up.

      Had over $200 but withdrew the $160, moved to a new site and left $50 in the old one.

      I think it will be a nice challenge because I'm crap, a bit thick and a bit old. However I do have a clever - and hopefully very patient - young lady as a coach who is not crap, not thick and not old.

      So it's a double header really;
      #1 Get the old fart to play at a competent level.
      #2 Get the BR to $1600 so I can take shots at nl50 for a wage.
      #3 Help lady coach become even more famous for being able to do it.
      See, told you I was thick.

      Personally I think the bigger challenge belongs to the coach. Good luck with that one! :f_thumbsup:

      I'm starting at nl4 6 max, 6 tabs, maybe throw in a bit of that fast stuff as I get more confident.

      I'll try to update, honest.

      Bring it on. :fuckyeah:
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