Banzai Bills - €20,000 in four weekly freerolls!

    • JoshLogan
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      To celebrate their new cash game format, Unibet's giving away €20,000 in cash in four weekly leaderboards for its Banzai players.

      Banzai is a short-stack short-handed cash game where players can only buy-in for 10bb - this is a very exciting, fast and action-packed game.

      They'll be running four weekly leaderboards in May exclusively for Banzai players. Each week there will be a €5,000 leaderboard:

      How to earn points

      In order to earn points, simply play Banzai poker at any stake level and reach the following achievements to gather points:


      Unibet Poker's terms & conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

      If you do not have a Unibet account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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    • Lazza61
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      Lol. 10BB that's SSS at it's shortest. Sounds like a push/fold ring game. Should appeal to those who are comfortable with Nash. :f_thumbsup:
    • SDK1987
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      This looks more interesting for the SNG players than for the cash gamers. I don’t think cash gamers are used to play with 10bb stacks, but even than you need to have at least 100 buy-inns to play this game based on BRM. The variance should be nasty and I don’t think beginners should play this format.