Multiplier Counter 4 Spin&Go!

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      It shows how many jacks was dropped, difference between the expected and actual drop, how many wins from it.

      Link Text... - download

      1) Run the program as administrator!

      2) For the calculation you need TS files to be on your computer, they should turned on like this screen:

      3) Next you need to provide path to these files, in my PT4 it looks like this:
      C: \ Users \ <NAME> \ AppData \ Local \ PokerTracker 4 \,
      also I know what for some users PT4 do not take the files from the original folder (where PS place them), so I recommend you to reconfigure PT4, to let it take files, or you may increase the number of days for storage (see screen PS). For HM2, as i think, folder name is - HM2 archive.

      4) Select necessary dates, press right BI and "Refresh" button – and the program will calculate everything for you.

      If the number of people who are interested in this program will be enough, you will get update and a new version which would calculate the files from the audit of the PS, as well as see your EV win $.

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