Win up to €1M in Unibet's new hand milestone promo!

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      This September Unibet will deal its 200 Millionth Hand of poker, and to celebrate they’re giving you the chance to win up to €1,000,000 in cash!

      In what's set to be its biggest Hand Milestone promotion ever, cash prizes will be awarded every 100,000 hands from hand number 195,000,000 - 205,000,000, giving you 101 chances to strike gold.

      How does it work?

      • You'll be eligible to be dealt into a Milestone Hand at any Unibet cash game table (Banzai and Pot Limit Omaha included)
      A counter will be visible in the lobby to allow players to see how close the action is to a milestone
      All players dealt into a Milestone Hand will automatically win a prize, with the winner of the hand winning an even bigger prize
      • Prizes will be calculated according to the average number of flops you've seen at the given stake over the previous hour (see details below)
      • The higher stakes you play, the bigger your potential prize will be
      • The more tables you play, the better your chance of hitting a Milestone Hand

      The 200 Millionth Hand

      For the lucky player who is dealt into and wins the 200 Millionth Hand, there is an added prize of between €10,000 and €1,000,000.

      The size of the jackpot prize is dependent on the strength of the hand that wins the special hand:

      Winning Hand CombinationPrize in Hold'emPrize in Omaha
      Royal Flush €1,000,000 €1,000,000
      Straight Flush €250,000 €100,000
      Four of a Kind €100,000 €50,000
      Full House €25,000 €20,000
      Flush €20,000 €15,000
      Straight €15,000 €10,000
      Three of a Kind €15,000 €10,000
      Two Pair €10,000 €10,000
      Pair €10,000 €10,000
      High Card €10,000 €10,000

      The other part of the prize depends on your multiplier and can vary from €400-€140,000 for the winner of the hand, and from €80-€28,000 for the other players at the table.

      Every player sitting at a Unibet cash game table when the 200 Millionth Hand hits will win a €10,000 freeroll ticket - the freeroll runs on Sunday, September 27 at 17:00 CET.

      Prize Multipliers

      Player 1 is dealt into Milestone Hand # 199,000,000 at Table 1 (NL50).
      In the 60 minutes prior to being dealt a Milestone Hand, the player has seen a total of 13 flops on Table 1 (NL50), 19 flops on Table 2 (NL50) and 10 flops at Table 3 (NL100).

      Stake = NL50 → Stake Multiplier = 1.5
      Flops = (13 + 19) / 2 (tables) = 16 → Avg. Flops Multiplier = 1
      (The flops seen on the NL100 table does not count as the Milestone Hand was dealt at a NL50 Table.)
      Prize Multiplier = 1.5 x 1 = 1.5

      Unibet Poker's terms & conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time. If you do not have a Unibet account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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