€25,000 Sit & Go Booty

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      What’s your duty? To sit on your booty and net your share of €25,000 in added prize money! Win by playing in all 24hBet Sit & Go tournaments this October between buy-in levels: €5 - €20.

      Want a bigger booty? Collect points and climb in their €10,000 Sit & Go Booty Leaderboard!

      How do I take part?

      Simply play any regular or Heads-Up Sit & Go Booty with a buy in of €5+0.50, €10+1 or €20+2.

      All eligible tournaments with the amount of added money are visible in the Sit & Go lobby.

      How much can I win?

      You get leaderboard points according to how many times you cash in their special Sit & Go’s (SNG) and the buy-in of the SNG’s. When you cash, you get 1 leaderboard point for every €1 in the buy-in at regular SNG’s, and 0.5 points for every €1 buy-in at Heads Up SNG’s.

      For example: If you cash in a €5+0.50 regular added money SNG, you get 5 points for the SNG Leaderboard. Heads Up SNG’s will only give half the points. So if you cash in a €5+0.50 Heads Up added money SNG, you get 2.5 points for the SNG Booty Leaderboard.

      *You get Leaderboard points only for promotional SNG’s where you get a cash prize.

      24hBet's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time

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