Late in tourney 10s way ahead way behind

    • gorgi0128
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      Sorry I didn't have my hand history checked, but here's the gist:

      Halfway ITM

      (30,000ish) UTG Calls 1000
      (30,000ish) UTG +2 Raises 3000
      (30,000ish) Hero holds 10 10 in BB, calls 3000


      QQ5 (9000ish pot)
      Hero raises 5000
      UTG+2 pushes all in for around 30k

      Well I folded, but do you think I could have called?
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    • timukasr
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      Would have 3-bet preflop and maybe called the flop push, they can show a lot of worse hands and if he has Q then bad luck. Also if opponent has a queen you usally see him slowplaying it.

      Edit: my post wasn't clear enough so i edited it a bit
    • gorgi0128
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      Wow, I would've thought that is overplaying the hand. Shows how much I know :]
    • bah22
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      It is hard decision imo. It is all about the reads you have about this guy! If u see him raising with 99 88 from UTG+2 i would call. Otherwise depends on your left stack and how close you are to the money. If he raise with AQ/KK AA he would just call or small raise you imo. He might have JJ, 99 or bluff with AK.
    • curnow
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      you should raise this preflop , min 3-bet but if close to 50% of your stack then push it

      but on that flop you should be not worried about the Qs and call this