[PROMOTION] Guess the Hand [HAND 2]

    • Lazza61
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      Hey guys,

      Welcome to our Guess the Hand promotion. Fancy your hand reading skillz? Want to be $50 richer?

      Guess the heroine's hand and you could be on your way to riches, or at least the community's admiration for your superior skillz.

      All the details of the promotion can be found in the main thread:

      Guess The Hand 2016 [OVERVIEW]

      HAND 2 - You have until 12th March to post your answer.

      Hand 2:
      $5/$10 No Limit Holdem
      4 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
      CO Hero ($1,581) 158bb
      BTN ($1,155.05) 116bb
      SB ($1,325.50) 133bb
      BB ($3,249.86) 325bb
      Pre-Flop: (15, 4 players) Hero is CO :Kc: :Kh:

      Hero raises to $30, 1 fold, SB raises to $120, 1 fold, Hero raises to $275, SB calls $155

      Flop: :8s: :3d: :Ad: ($560, 2 players)
      SB checks, Hero checks
      Turn: :7s: ($560, 2)
      SB bets $260, Hero calls $260
      River: :Td: ($1,080, 2)
      SB goes all-in $790.50, Hero calls $790.50
      Final Pot: $2,661
      SB shows One pair : Tens
      :Js: :Ts:
      Hero shows One pair : Kings
      :Kc: :Kh:
      Hero wins $2,658 (net +$1,332.50)
      SB lost $1,325.50

      On Saturday 05th March a new hand will be posted.

      Good Luck :gl:
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey guys,

      What do you think the beautiful Sara has? Remember you get 1 point for guessing the card values and 1 point if you provide a good explanation as how you came to that conclusion. :f_thumbsup:

      Good Luck :gl:
    • Lazza61
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      Hey guys,

      We have had a change of heart. All hands will remain open until the 12th of March so that people may join at any time.

      Enjoy :gl:

    • HHHuBi
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      for example: AA
    • lycoreus
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      I think she has AA.
      Preflop: Standard raise/4-bet.
      Flop: She slowplays to induce a bluff on later streets.
      Turn: She flats because villain will not call a re-raise with worse hands.
      River: Villain wants to represent a flush but would rarely 3-bet preflop with hands like KQs so she calls the bluff.
    • TurokRider
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      KQ of diamonds.
      Preflop KQ crushes 3bet-range of SB
      OTF, checking for potcontrol
      OTT, get odds to call
      OTR, easy call
    • dostavljac
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      Q 10
    • breadbowl
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      I think she has KJ d as she is last to act and calls the all-in.
    • vikash62004
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      Kd xD , here is the thing preflop action limits them to 3 bet raise by sara and then sb calls and then flop came A high diamond but along with one more card of diamond that means she need one more card to make it to flush then she again put some chips on the pot by raising in the range 35% to 55% of the pot but turn gave her 7 of spade then she just tried to check and see the river free and then miracle happens she got flush at last but again she try to trap him by betting 35% to 55% of the pot and here he/she is by going allin and she too is calling in toit to claim the reward.
    • parke
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      sara has 7 7
    • RockRoll458
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      I want to say that with her $30 3x preflop opening raise, Sara can have a fairly wide range here. But after being 4-bet back $120, Sara decides to raise just over 2x the SB's re-raise to $275. So why did Sara not raise more than $275? Perhaps she is hoping for a call? Or maybe she wants to have control of the betting, and is trying to get a little more info from the SB. I believe with a lower pocket pair she may have just called here instead of raising. If so, we can narrow her range down to either AA-KK?

      On the flop, Sara checks behind, and just flat calls the turn $260, slightly less than half the pot. Perhaps she is trying to avoid a trap, or believes if she bets, that someone with a flush draw will call anyways. Maybe she is setting a trap herself. Never the less, She does not seem concerned about someone drawing out on her. If she were to have KK, she might be worried about running into AA in this spot. After all of the preflop action, she probably believes the SB has some type of a PP, and especially since the ace of diamonds is on the flop, the chances of someone holding a flush draw seem much lower.

      Since we know that one of the aces is already spoken for, the chances of holding KK is about twice that of holding AA. We also know the SB only raised once and then called preflop, neither player tried to get it all in before the flop.

      I'm going to say the SB has QQ and Sara has KK
    • vinn25RNMD
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      KQ diamonds
    • jules97
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      preflop 4b bluff
      flop weak ace so checks behind
      turn ez call
      river ez call
    • wimNP
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      :7d: :7x:
    • nsavov
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      We have to ask ourselves first, what does the SB have to 3bet and flat the 4b. Most likely AK-AQ that plays this way and he's not scared from the flush because the flop got checked through, or some KXs or QXs bluffs .

      The CO called the turn, so most likely she has :Ax: :Ax: , :Kx: :Kx: , :Qx: :Qx: , :As: :Ks: , possibly :Jx: :Jx: (for value), :Ax: :Jx: , :Ax: :Tx: (as preflop bluffs). Other AK combos should be shipping that turn IMO and I dont think AQ 4bets preflop. Also a set of aces might bet the flop...

      OTR she should strongly consider folding AJ without reads.

      So Im going with :As: :Tc:
    • Starpior
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      KQ of diamonds, she checks flop for free card, with pocket AA she would defend her hand against possible flush draw.
      Easy to 4-bet with KQs vs BB 3bet. With weaker than AA set she would definitely fold to river shove, because of completed flush.
      So KQ of diamonds it is
    • Hesticus
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      Preflop: Sara may raise with quite a wide range. However, with a raise from SB she may 4bet with a polarized range, which may consists of: AA, AK, AQ, KK, QQ, A2s-A5s, KQs

      Assumed is the following: TT and JJ call since the only goal she will achieve is a hard fold if shoved and unnecessarily inflate the pot if called (TT, JJ equal in equity against a AK, KQ, AQ and are behind against QQ+).
      22-99 will fold since they are drawing at best pre-flop and Sara has more BB so STP is too low and definitely not profitable to 4bet-fold.
      The polarized range is limited so hands as J9s, Q9s, K9s are not considered in her 4Bet range as we do not know her stats and stay with a default range.
      Level thinking comes into play up till level 3 (what does my opponent think I think he has)

      Flop: Board is semi-wet. Sara will not check back the following hands: AA, AK, AQ
      Turn: Sara can still call with KK, QQ, A2s-A5s, KQs
      River: Flush completes. Villain goes all-in. A3s & KQs can call.

      However, let's see villain's perspective:
      133 BB, dominated by Sara (high implied odds) on SB and always OOP.

      Pre-flop: Raise with a very wide range but calls the 4Bet. Assumed is to have high equity cards but no AA and KK. Range: TT-QQ, AKo, KQs, AJs-AQs, 87s, 89s, 9Ts may all call the 4Bet.

      Flop: Check
      Turn: Villain can 1/2 bet with AJs, AQs, KQs, 87s,
      River: Villain still can have AJs, AQs, KQs and 87s. However, in my experience, villain can actually only go all-in with :8d: :7d: .

      If Sara thought the same, she would know, villain knows this and that villain puts her either A3 or KQ and takes the gamble.
      Sara calls and expects to face more AJs, AQs and KQs than 87s.

      Sara shows :As: :3s:
      Villain shows: :Ks: :Qs:
      Sara wins $2,661

      But I could be wrong :f_biggrin:
    • zuki14
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      J 9
    • Jaissica
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      Hero hold AA.

      Pre standard, though the weak 4 size screams please call me strength.

      FlopI don't really like slowplaying AAA ever, but plenty of people would find a check on this flop to try and disguise flopping a nut hand. The only hand in the villain's range that can call4 then continue on that flop is AK (perhaps some AQs), so betting would fold out most of the villain's range. Checking lets the villain think TPTK is good vs KK QQ.

      Turn Trapping IP. Even though the turn creates possible draws, nearly all draws are excluded by the villain's call4 range.

      River Not even remotely scared of the diamond flush. Villain would have to call4 with KQs OOP. Nope. Villain shows TTT, heroin shows AAA wins $2,661 pot.
    • chantool
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