Embark on a poker adventure and play poker, earn coins and trade for treasure. This new and innovative promotion rewards your gameplay with coveted Gold Coins.

Collecting Titan Treasures currency is much like collecting any other commodity, the more you have, the more they are worth.

How you earn them is the fun part!


At the same time as you are playing poker and earning Gold Coins, you will also be completing a 20 piece puzzle. Each piece of Titan Treasures' Truzzle puzzle represents a poker achievement to be accomplished. Once all 20 achievements have been completed within the required 2 month period, the background puzzle image will be revealed and the player will be able to redeem a Diamond Ticket for a super cash prize!

How Can I Earn Gold Coins?
Every time you complete one of the many poker achievements, you will be issued the number of Gold Coins that the specific achievement awards. So, while Gold Coins are issued to players of all stakes and levels, more challenging achievements will be rewarded with more Coins.

Need a few more Coins to purchase your Ticket?
Take part in the 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt Tournament for a chance to win a share of 1,000,000 Gold Coins!
Taking place on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm UK Time. Open to all players, 50 Points Rebuy/Addon available. Coins will be issued up to 72 hours after the completion of the tournament.

Table of Achievements

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