Come out fighting on Sunday and knock out your opponents on the way to the top!

At Full Tilt, they don’t pull any punches which is why their Sunday Brawl is such a big hit.

Play this exciting progressive knock-out tournament every Sunday at 11:00 ET for $100 and see if you have what it takes to become the champ. $42 from your buy-in goes into the $30,000 guaranteed prize pool, while $25 is placed on your own head as a bounty and a further $25 is held back to be added to the bounty of any player than knocks you out – outlast all others to keep this for yourself! Bang!

Take another player out of the tournament and their bounty will be instantly deposited into your account, with $25 added to your own bounty. Pow!

Keep track of your Knockout totals in the Sunday Brawl Leaderboards and work up a sweat in the Brawl to warm up for our other big Sunday events, which are headlined by the Sunday Major.

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