The Summer Challenges with vonki

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      The Summer Challenges with vonki

      From 4th of July till 24th of July, is bringing you three weeks of exciting Summer Challenges, along side with our vonki streaming her action on our twitch-channel.

      Win our Summer prizes...

      Along with our challenge, you can win raffle tickets. Each of our three challenges gives you one raffle ticket. At the end of the promotion we are holding a big raffle for those prizes:

      1st: $100
      2nd: $50
      3rd: status+1 for 1 month completing our Summer Challenges!

      • 4.7.-10.7. Get into the Grind
      We start simple! Show us that you can grind. Play 500 hands on 4 days this week. Post your HM/PT screenshot as a proof.
      Your reward: One raffle-ticket

      • 11.7.-17.7. Sharpen your game
      In 500 hands and the variance that comes with Poker, you can hardly prove that you are a winning player. But you can do your best to improve: Post 5 of your hands for discussion & discuss in 5 hands of other users to sharpen your skills.
      Your reward: another raffle ticket (automatically issued by us)

      • 18.7.-24.7. Become a range-guru
      The ultimative test. Do you want to feel like Neo in Matrix, already anticipating moves of your opponents? Activate the Equilab-Training mode and choose custom ranges of your choice. If you post a screenshot of being less than 10% off on average, you'll get another ticket.
      How does it work? Choose a situation that you frequently face and you want to improve your range thinking for. Enter these ranges in the equity trainer and go through minimum 20 questions:

      Follow the Stream

      Playing and challenging is more fun when we do it together. Our coach vonki is grinding with you this summer:

      • Monday, 4.7. 21:00-23:30
      • Thursday, 7.7. 21:00-23:30
      • Friday, 8.7. 20:00-22:30
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