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      Hi guys!
      I'm a 23-year-old law student from Finland. I have been playing poker for some years now and my current limit is NL25. My game has been quite strong lately and I have made some good results (more about those later). I also just completed my Bankroll Challenge (from 100$ to 1000$) that I started over a year ago by playing NL2.

      What do I offer

      I want to offer you something I wish I would have had when I was struggling at the lowest limits --> affordable coaching

      :heart: Starter Package - 26€

        - I will review your stats and graphs
        - 30 min video of your play
        - You get 10 in-depth HH reviews
        - A written Quick Start Guide

      :heart: Hand History review package - 20€

        - 30 in-depth hand reviews
        - Good when you are working on a particular spot
        - Better value than if we would go your hands through in a live session
        - You don't have to send all 30 at once. You can send some random difficult hands separately if you want to.

      :heart: Any other form of coaching - 13€ / h

        - Video reviews (I prefer these)
        - Live session sweats
        - Leakfinding
        - etc...

      :spade: Poker Excel - 4€

        - Calculators for Odds, EV and other stuff
        - BRM Planner
        - Study Planner

      By getting coaching from me you also get:
      :diamond: A poker buddy you can chat with about anything poker related
      :diamond: Access to Skype study group (We can possibly have some group sessions in the future)

      Add me on skype: la55i and we can discuss the details. Please leave me some kind of a message like "hey it is xxx from PSGY" so I know who you are.

      Please note that the currency in my rates is in euros.

      My results

      Bankroll Challenge

      Last 50k hands

      Winrates by limit

      I will keep updating these
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    • la55i
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      Hey guys,

      I just realized that I had put wrong Skype contact info here...
      It looks like you can't find me with the e-mail I wrote there, so try to search me with my Skype name, which is la55i
      You should be able to see that I'm from Finland, and my profile pic (same as the avatar here) should be visible for public.

      If you have any problems adding me just post here or add me as a friend here on pokerstrategy :f_drink:
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      i think it's great what you are doing for an achievable price for micro players.
      usually the cheapest I came across were 40-50$/hour.
      I am not saying those guys are not worth their money but for a NL2 player for example it would be a complete bankroll for just one single hour.

      So you really give the chance to alot of micro players to finally get some private coaching :)

      Undoubtly you will get alot of requests!

      Now a personal question:
      Do you use pt4 or hm2? if pt4 can you coach someone on how to make database reviews, leakfinding and session reviews the right way? :)
    • la55i
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      Thanks BadHabit1989!

      It is indeed my goal to offer affordable coaching. More experienced and expensive coaches are of course worth their money but I'm not sure if beginners will get much more from them. I talked about that in my interview.

      About tracking software, I personally use HM2, but I guess the same things can be done with PT4 and it probably shouldn't be very difficult.
      I can look for the most common leaks with some key stats, filter for situations where ppl often lose money and I have some experience in playing with different reports etc in HM2. I don't have much experience in full database analysis but I have some kind of an idea what I should be looking for :) I'm also currently working on developing my DB analysis skills. :f_drink:

      If you would be interested in something like this, we can talk about it more in Skype or via the community tool and we can see if I would be able to help you :f_thumbsup:
    • BadHabit1989
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      Hey :) i was just asking in general :) since you use hm2 it should be different than pt4 anyways to teach how to plug leaks and do database analysis. I am not sure if I would be allowed to take lessons if you could provide what I desire to learn since I am in a staple now. (Not sure if it's allowed to pay other coaches for duties) . Still 1-2 years back I would've instantly hired you as a coach as I was struggling to beat the lowest stake even tho I was already commiting a lot of time. So I guess you will help a lot of players to be winning players in the micros which I think it is grat. I don't want them to take an as hard way as I had to go ;D
    • la55i
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      Ah, okay. Now I understand :)
      Basically I might be able to tell you what to look for and how to interpret the information but you would have to figure out how to do it in PT4 yourself.

      I have also understood from your blog that you are a tournament player? So in order to interpret the stuff I would have to be a good tournament player too. Since I'm not 100% sure what are the correct stats / ways of playing in tournaments, I can't help you much :f_mad:

      When you start analyzing your own database with PT4 be careful with some of the stats because some of them might not be 100% clear. For example I have heard that fold to 3bet is every time there is a 3bet before you and you fold even if you haven't entered the pot yet, so you should use something like 2bet-fold. Also cold call is not possible on the blinds because you have already put something in the pot. Or at least so I have heard, so better to double check what some stats mean :f_thumbsup:
    • BadHabit1989
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      Originally posted by la55i
      For example I have heard that fold to 3bet is every time there is a 3bet before you and you fold even if you haven't entered the pot yet
      First time I heard that and somehow doubt it without being able to check right now in PT4.
      this would just be completely misleading. I used that stat alot when playing cashgames.

      In general I played cashgames seriously from jan-may, june-august i tried to play MTTS and since september im playing Spins.
      Still interested in staying sharp in all 3 formats somewhat since I doubt Spins will be alife in a few years (while CG and MTT always willl)
    • la55i
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      I did some googling and it looks like this was the case at least 3-4 years ago.
      Found a forum post on PT4 forum where someone was complaining about this stat and said it should be removed. A moderator answered him that they disagree and someone wants to use that kind of stat. Also said
      That is precisely why we include Fold to PF 3Bet After Raise in our default statistics list - so that people like yourself can use it.
      This might have changed of course. You can check that by adding the "ft3bet after raise" or "2bet-fold" or whatever it is called, and compare it to the fold to 3bet stat you have there. Let me know when you have checked that, I'm interested :f_thumbsup:
    • Hesticus
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      Looks all good mate! :f_thumbsup:
    • Talisker74
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      Hello guys,

      i used the possibility to take starter package from la55i.
      Contact via skype was very easy and answers to questions came very quick.
      Because i stopped playing zoom and changed to regular tables there was a
      too small sample size for stats analysis, so he suggested to make a longer
      video while playing. He analysed my gameplay and made some conclosions and
      send me some additional material to improve my gameplay. Big Thank you for that!

      The session i played to analysise was mostly to play very smooth without having much trouble spots.
      So no really big leaks where detected but some smaller ones, which i wouldn`t havent found on my own.
      => Go and take the smaller price as long it is available to buy some kind of coaching, i guess most players will take advantage...

      GL at the tables
      Slainte Talisker
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