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    • CoreySteel
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      And what happened with your starting capital?
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      It is not allowed to search for private money transfers, or to sell items (e.g. PokerTracker, PokerACE liscences or books) on the forum. Please use Neteller or Moneybookers for your transfer needs. It is also not allowed to ask for money or loans on the forum. We do not want our users to be put in situations where they can suffer potential monetary loses.
    • p0kerQT
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      Freerollz ftw! If u dont wanna deposit a few ways u can make money is TAF or play freerolls n try make a few cents. Also heard someone sold 100k playchips for $10 n made a few $k from it playin steps on stars.
    • Joronamo
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      Hey RalfsG,

      No offence buddy but i think you have some nerve asking for a loan on here. I'm not gonna sugar-coat this but you need to harden the fuck up. We all have our poker related problems and post them here hoping for help on improving our game but we dont ask for money. Besidees Corey is right its a violation of the terms.

      Besides there are so many options for broke players like you. Enter some freerolls or use your frequent player points to win some starting capital back. Anyway, whatever you decide good luck at the tables...just stop acting like a freeloader and start acting like a freeroller :) .
    • Deflowerer
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      Sorry man,I'm off Poker Stars.
      I should try this thing on Full tilt forum,only with 1K. lol
      This is beyond lame btw,play some freerolls.You have like 5 different sites probably,right?
      Few years back I managed more than a few times to boost my bankroll from absolute zero.It takes time but it's more than doable.

      Go to some site that includes betting so if you win some tiny amount just place a bet and hope for the best.

      My best run from zero to something was on Poker Sens.I won a freeroll (5e lol) and a ticket to a 100K tourney qualifier.I won that one,too.
      Got the ticket + 280e. (In that 100 000e tourney I was the chip leader until the last 120 players but got busted in two hands,AA on sb and AKs on bb vs AA,KK,QQ (yep,pretty sick).
      After that I went for some c-games and won lower bb jack pot (4300e).
      So...From 0 to 6000$ is possible (in my insane lucky case) in 3 to 4 days.
      The other boostings from zero to cash never got me further than 200$.

      So..Sit your ass down and play. ;)
    • Kimber88
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      Just wanted to get in before the lockdown :)

      Don't ask for money here, it's against the rules. Play and win ma friend..
    • CoreySteel
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      Originally posted by Kimber88
      Just wanted to get in before the lockdown :)

    • opal99
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      I'm sorry I didn't lock it sooner but I couldn't get here because my HDD died (with all data ofc) few days ago..

      As CoreySteel alredy mentioned: it's against rules to ask for money in forums...
      Try TAF (http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/taf-info) or stick to freerolls for some time.