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Plan of Action?

    • malook
      Joined: 29.03.2009 Posts: 11
      Hi Fellas

      I am trying to put in a plan of action now that I have reached Bronze Status.

      The way I am thinking, is that I will start of with the Basic Strategy(I am going SnG first), and play according to the starting hand charts, with the addition of the Alte Position play charts found in the Bronze section articles. With these I have a well rounded base to start playing with, including starting hands to play, Blind Steal/Steal Re-Raise strategy for Mid Level play, and a list of plays to make in the Late stage of games. I have read each relevant article a few times over to lt it really sink in, along with making some bullet point type notes for myself to reference in game.

      Then my plan is to start working through the bronze articles, which after a brief inspection will take up some time to really let the info soak up and become conscious thought rather than reference material. I will focus on one area of each at a time, and once I feel I have them down, will add separate pieces into my playing style, slowly building my game.

      Thing I want to ask, is, is this a feasible way to get started, will I still be able to play effictively through the learning stages? I can see that starting off I will be uber tight, and as I progress i will start to loosen up my play once I understand the concepts. The way I see it, it will still be a tight style of play. Of course the whole time through the play is geared to being aggressive, which I like.

      Also once I start to get this down for tournaments I plan to move onto some cash strategy and open up some more options for myself, variety is the spice of life afterall ;)

      So, do I have myself a solid plan of action here?

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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello malook,

      Its good to see you are planning on using a learning plan.

      I can highly recommend 4 things:

      #1) Download the ICM Trainer Light and the normal ICM Trainer:

      Practice your ICM - its important for understanding key principles of playing late phase SNGs ;)

      #2) Get involved in the SNG hand evaluation forum:

      This a place where you will fix your leaks and start to think about critical situations.

      #3) Head over to the video section and watch some videos:

      There are quite a few low level SNG videos by Unam, Chenny and Helemaalnicks for bronze members which will help show you if you are doing things right or not.

      #4) Check out our coaching schedule:

      We have several live SNG coachings a week where you can watch the pros play and ask questions. A very good method for improving :)

      In the low limit SNGs using the Starting hand charts and push or fold charts is pretty much enough - although you should really work with the ICM trainer on the side. It helps expand your horizon on why you should be pushing or folding and really advances your game!

      Best regards