weird bonus on mansion

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      Hello!, I did the 2nd starting capital stuff to get $50 at mansion, (back in feb. 2) but I hated the site mostly because I was used to multitabling at pstars and mansion multitabling sucks, not enough tables, bad software, etc.

      So I played for like 1 day and didn't play again there, now today I thought "hm would be nice to try there again" (because now I play BSS and dont need to multitable) and after some forum reading my guess was than the $50 starting capital was gone because I didn't clear it.

      I logged in, and for my surprise I still have $55.57, so I check the bonuses status and I find this:

      Anyone has a clue about what this means? I mean isn't it wasted time if I try to clear the $200 bonus, right? :P

      (Yeah, I ask because I don't trust mansion because I've heard so many bad things about them than I rather prefer to know if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone knows what this means)
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