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      I was 16 tabling on FTP NL5 today, when my eye fell upon my nick (sortof) being mentioned in a chat being accused of being a bot:

      Oceaniana: can any one talk english here or are you all bots?
      Neutronsis: i could talk if i want
      Oceaniana: can any one talk english here or are you all bots?
      blvjt: yea
      Neutronsis: i think u are the bot cause asking twice a time
      same question
      Oceaniana: go to player search
      Oceaniana: some of the bots are on 15 tables at once
      Oceaniana: you geisha and me are the only human players
      blvjt: lol wat is a bot
      blvjt: r u serious
      Oceaniana: go search on jeop666 <<me=joep666
      Oceaniana: hes at 15 tables
      blvjt: wow
      blvjt: lol
      Oceaniana: each table is rigged
      blvjt: wats up with thissight
      blvjt: how do you know only us 3 r humans
      Oceaniana: click on lobby button >> requests >> find a player
      blvjt: ?
      Oceaniana: jeop666
      Oceaniana: hes a bot
      blvjt: no but you said me and geish and you r the only reeal
      players in the room
      Oceaniana: hes not human, hes on 15 odd tables playing at
      Oceaniana: yes
      blvjt: what about some of the others
      Oceaniana: ivan krika looks ok
      Sfischiu: you want to play or try to make friends around here?
      Joep666: lol, im no bot
      Oceaniana: how you on 15 tables than
      Joep666: funny conversation though
      Sfischiu: :) ))
      blvjt: lol i was about to say
      Joep666: its easy
      Joep666: SSS, lots of time
      Joep666: want proof?
      Oceaniana: so you mean you all team up to rip every one off
      Oceaniana: or should i say the developers
      Joep666: yes
      Joep666: no clue what you mean there
      Oceaniana: no human can play 15 tables at once
      blvjt: lol
      Oceaniana: you need to fix your bots up better to hide them
      Joep666: ask me a question a bot won't know the answer to
      Oceaniana: how do you play 15 tables at once when its
      impossible for any human to do that????????
      Oceaniana: answer it
      Joep666: its not impossible
      Joep666: just send a mail to ftp support and they'll allow you
      to play 16 tables
      Oceaniana: it is or haxs
      Oceaniana: what is it
      Oceaniana: why the cat got your toung sun shine
      Joep666: cose im bussy with my 16 tables
      Oceaniana: haxs you meanb
      Joep666: if you call it that
      Oceaniana: i need to let them know then since every table
      has 75% of players with haxs
      Joep666: you don't think ftp staf would bust hackers?
      Oceaniana: you may need to find new way to steal money
      Oceaniana: rofl
      Joep666: you don't think ftp staf would bust hackers?
      Oceaniana: either you are the part of developers or you are
      running haxs to steal
      Oceaniana: yes they would
      Joep666: so i can't be a hacker
      Oceaniana: you are one of the 2 from above
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): you may think i stupid and ask
      me questions, why dont you think about what your trying to do
      Joep666: so i have to be a dev then?
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): wank with haxs
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): u useing tsearch huh
      Joep666: lol, i'm so gona post this conversation on a forum
      blvjt: lol
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): well you cant explain how its
      possible to run 15 tables
      Joep666: yeay i did
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): i have leads to the media
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): i can assure you all $&%#s going
      to hit the fan
      Joep666: i'm so scared
      blvjt: lol
      Joep666: my scam is going to be public
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): play your bluff, it cant run like that
      in the real world
      Oceaniana (Toeschouwer): good luck
      Joep666: you to
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