Loose pushing UTG

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    • Kimber88
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      It depends on a lot of factors.

      1. How many players are left - is UTG = MP1 or UTG = CO.

      2. The kind of players you are up against - calling ranges from villains.

      3. Buy in - somewhat related to 2.

      Add more if you like ;)

      Generally I'd say that there's no general rule - if that makes any sense to you. But if you have less than 3BB's and say just one villain that is semi loose has ~20BB left you probably have close to 0 FE.

      My sample size in SnG's is still pretty small. But if you get below 7 players and get rid of the worst donks I think you should have decent FE from UTG with somewhere between 7-13BB. If you get below that a lot of people will be more likely to call. Well that goes at my limit at least (micro). But then it changes again on the bubble where many people tighten up way too much.

      Well, that was a lot of text to use and basically just saying that I don't have an answer.

      Oh and btw... Don't push loosely from UTG ;)

      Edit: I thought of something as I read through my post again. If we push from UTG we usually don't do it to steal, right? We do it to double. In order to double we have to get called. And if we wan't to get called we don't want all that much FE. This post is getting messy - sorry 'bout that.

      But it leads to the same conclusion. Don't push loosely from UTG imo.
    • lulda
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      Thanks, but basicaly I´m talking only about pushing UTG to preserve the FE, before the blinds pass us - I´m doin it when havin about 6BB and dunno if it´s not early.
    • LuborC
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      It is a bit too early IMO. I would push loosely from UTG with 4BB or less or if I knew the blinds were gonna rise before I have to pay them..
    • michaelg5pro
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      Times ago i really got really confused bout that loose pushing thing utg and it is still difficult to handle. I agree there is no general rule. Often Coachings i saw him pushing UTG, which was actually mp2 or mp3, with bout 5, 6 bb and preserving FE often was argument enough. I rarely made good experiences with that but dunno how it would go in the long run. It was because first u just get called (no matter with what here, even though gettin called need not be argument against) and second others did the job of takin each other out. But that seems to relate to the low stakes like Kimber said.

      So sometimes i find myself playing weak to get itm, a strategy i really dislike but sometimes that just maybe fine. It is often said no to think directed by results, however it is important to just know which situations against whom you are in.
    • mChavez
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      I guess it really depends on the number and type of people left at the table. Just make shure you know what style they are playing at that moment as well as the size of their stack. If there is a big stack calling maniac I think all you can do is to pray for Holy Random to save you (i.e. get a monster hand or wait till others are kicked out of the tournament).

      But in general, I think pushing loosely utg is not a good idea.
    • Mstlc
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      Originally posted by mChavezBut in general, I think pushing loosely utg is not a good idea.
      I agree.
      Pushing "loosely" UTG with 6 or more players seems like a really bad idea.

      Like Kimber said already, if you push from UTG you should do so to get called down. If UTG = CO or HJ (4-5 handed) you could consider it but I definitely wouldn't do so if the chipleader has you covered 4 times or more. The chance that he will call you down in that case with A8 and upwards or with any pocket pair is pretty high I think.

      Making a general rule for FE in SnG's is kinda hard anyway. A lot depends on the stakes you're playing at and of course during the earlier phases of the SnG you should pay attention to how many and if possible what hands people are playing.