Where to play next??

    • ukwagon
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      Okay I’m after some advice on where to play next, at the moment I’m playing on Titan and my starting bonus is about to finish, thank you PS :D .

      I can’t play on FTP or Party Poker because I have got a untracked accounts there. :rolleyes:

      I’m playing SSS so I’m up and down like a yoyo :evil: so the starting bonus will help to keep me going at the limit I’m playing.

      So where to go?? ?(

      All help much appreciated

      Thanks Andy :)
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    • mikelstwe
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      Well if you're not that into bonus whoring then I fully recommend Pokerstars! In my experience it is far away the best place to play SSS at. It probably has more NL10, NL25 tables than party has in total, so there really are plenty fish in the sea!

      Obviously the bonusses are nearly none existent (only $50 first deposit bonus, dunno about other bonusses tho) but the amount of fish make up for it.
      Put it this way: I've made more money there in one week than I have at party for example. Yeah could be major upswing but I played at this rate for the past month.

      Of course if you're more interested in bonusses you could try some of the "smaller" sites as they usually have better offers (they are desperate for players). Really tho they usually don't have that many tables at the micros (essential in SSS). I'm asuming you're still playing micros (forgive me if I'm mistaken :D )

    • Berzerger
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      Pick PokerStars above all as long as you're playing microlimits. It's basically rake paradise, tons of fish and very high traffic. The only downside is the low first deposit bonus of only $50, but that's exactly why you should pick this room before your roll is big enough to go for large bonuses of $500 and more.
    • dandycal
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      Well, as the other guys said, Poker Stars is a great choice. Take their $50 bonus now, while you still have a small bankroll so that when you have a larger bankroll you can bonus whore other platforms. And it is indeed a fishing pool in Pokerstars.
    • straddler71
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      If you do pick pokerstars deposit enough money so you can start at a higher limit, maybe NL25 at least. Have a roll big enough for that limit. You don't earn that many poker points playing at NL10 but a little bit better at NL25. You receive a poker point for every $0.40 in rake meaning the pot has to get up to $8.00. On the lower limits the pot never reaches $8.00.

      Best of luck to you.
    • mikelstwe
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      yeah that be quite true - you almost earn no points at NL10 so if you have the BR, deposit about $150-200. If you don't have that kinda bankroll that's also ok as you'll move up to NL25 in no time - that's if your SSS is solid enough.
    • nutzynutz
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      Just an Idea.

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