So, my poker fun started with another strategy site, it was a cash game strategy i learned and some days i did good, others bad... £25 in total so not gonna break the bank but it was all lost...

Second time round was here with your good selves, i learned the sit n go strategy. I got my $50 deposit at party poker - Thank you very much :)

In two days i was up to $70 something and then within another few days all gone. In this case apart from 1 $11 sit n go where i finished 4th i stuck to the strategy to the letter.

I'm not here to say i think the strategies on this site are wrong because clearly the theory behind them is completely sound it's just that i find in practice, the theory falls flat on it's face. You see, i'm an amateur and as such, i'm forced to play against amateur's.

The strategy, quite rightly, is based around probability - Play with the odds in your favour and in the long run you will come out on top - I believe you will although how long is the long run?

You see, probability is a theory which, in poker at least just means you have a certain percentage chance of hitting certain hands a certain percentage of the time over an infinite number of hands. This number can be as big as you dare imagine... You could play 10,000 hands and never, ever hit anything then the next 1000 you could hit the top hand every time. Obviously this is taking the theory to the extreme but it 'could' happen.

I know you all know this already but after losing my bankroll and playing numerous freerolls trying to get in to the money so i can start playin sng's again i'm getting frustrated.

I play AK how it should be played yet it's only paid off maybe 5% of the time, AA are hardly any better and the same for the usual suspects KK, QQ, JJ etc.

The problem is, the strategies only work well against players who play properly... As an amateur i don't play against people who play properly, most of them are indeed fish but they must be lucky fish because i'm the one without the bankroll!

What i want to know is, from you more experienced players, do you play the strategies exactly? Or do you pay the blind to see the flop with much lesser hands which might give you something on the flop?

The law of probability says that out of all the people playing poker, of those playing properly, a certain percentage will be profitable from the offset, a certain % will go broke almost instantly and another % will hover around breakeven before going one of the other two directions.

Whether or not you make it, to me at least, comes down to which side you end up on - luck if you like.

I'm sorry for the rant and please don't think i'm just moaning... I had a lot to say lol and you guys are the only ones who'll listen.... Possibly :P