noob Question..

    • garythehorse
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      please can someone just tell me something..

      i've already recieved my starting bonus, which was great thanks but was just wondering.. can a person only apply for 1 poker site with the free money..

      or can they join multiple sites and recieve another $50 bonus if they aren.t a member of that specific site yet?

      many thanks,
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    • MrMardyBum
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      Just one starting capital per person, unless Pokerstrategy offer you a starting capital at another site, which I believe they do on occasions. But as a rule of thumb you only get one.

    • EagleStar88
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      Hi garythehorse,

      As per MrMardyBum's response, each person is only entitled to one $50 starting capital (except the very occasional promotion in the past).

      You can of course sign up to additional poker sites using the relevant PokerStrategy code and benefit from our great 1st deposit bonuses and on some sites, rakeback too. All poker sites signed up to using the PokerStrategy codes earn you PokerStrategy points too.

      Poker Rooms link provides full details of all the latest offers we have available and the following linkthis one also provides great information about each site.

      Hope this helps, Best regards,

    • garythehorse
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      thanks alot EagleStar, i will signup with other poker sites with PS. i was wondering how people got so many poker strategy points lol.
    • thebigheizung85
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      by playing a lot in higher games... for a huge load of strategy points you don't need accounts on multiple sites, although i think a lot of the big players have more than one account... but it is a tricky thing for a newcomer... in terms of BRM if you split your money to different sites you decrease the risk of losing your whole BRM, but you are forced to play lower games and therefore earn fewer strategy points