49$ bonus?

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    • Chrisi23
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      Normally PS Puts 1$ into your account wich counts as Deposit wich gives you the Bonus. I think you already have it because you are Bronzemember.

    • Jackalof
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      i got my starting capital from PS on titan poker 8 months ago, but after a couple of months i've stopped playing.
      later i got an e-mail stating that i'm eligible for a new starting capital at partypoker (the date for this bonus already expired, i think). but anyways, i decided to create an account on partypoker recently, i used PSVIP bonus code, since i thought i won't be getting second starting capital. but suddenly a support ticket appeared and it was:
      "You opened your account at PartyPoker with our PSVIP bonus code. This code however is used only for players who want to deposit money themselves. Please open a new account and enter PS150 as bonus code. Then tell me your new account name so I can reinitialize the transfer of your 50$."
      so i created a new account with PS150 bonus code, and wrote my account name in a support ticket. but haven't received any update on that. in partypoker i have 49$ bonus, but can't use it without depositing, i think..
      so my question is: can i expect PS to transfer that 1$ or must i deposit myself?

      thank you for your time :)
    • thunderbird56
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      Hi Jackalof,

      You do not have to deposit, and in fact if you do, the bonus will expire. Since you are already in contact with our Support, they will take care of it - just be patient please. In the mean time, I suggest that you contact PartyPoker and ask them to close your play money account with the code PSVIP to avoid the potential problems in the future.