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    • JayGGX
      Joined: 15.01.2009 Posts: 30
      hi there, just a question...

      i have been getting points from ftp and the right panel in the home page is constantly updated by my points needed for gold status does not decrease but instead i think increases why is this so??
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    • craguli
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      you played more 3-4 weeks ago than you did this last week?

      who knows ?(
    • SoyCD
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      Hello JayGGX,

      There are two ways in which StrategyPoints are tracked; Lifetime points and recent points. The recent points are the points you collected in the last 4 weeks and determine your status at the site - the lifetime points are the points you have collected throughout your entire time as a member and are used to determine things like receiving your Elephant License, eligibility for certain promotions and also Black Member status.

      Since the recent points incorporate only the last 4 weeks- they can actually drop if you start playing less.

      Best regards