Live tourney hand: 77 at BB

    • bordzter
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      blinds: 1500/3000 ante 200

      BB: 160K (HERO)
      SB: 29K
      BU: 30K

      Hero is dealt 7 :diamond: 7 :club:

      BU raises to 7K, SB calls after tanking.. BB calls

      FLOP: 7 :spade: 4 :spade: 10 :spade:

      SB checks; Hero bets 10K; BU goaes ALL-IN

      SB tanks and goes ALL-IN...

      BB calls...

      was the play correct???

      felt that the BU went all-in to chase SB and BB from the pot and that he is still on a flush draw... BU is a a LAG player and frequently raises whenever he is at the BU or CO...

      SB is tight passive player and just calls whenever he has a hand or drawing to a hand... my read is that he might be drawing due to the great deal of time he asked for time or could be a baby flush...
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