Quiz of the Week: Silver Graduation Exam

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    • ciRith
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      Hi awishformore,

      why don't you have a mod or admin logo? :)

      I'll test the quiz riht now and give my feedback.

      Found a little mistake at the bronze quiz, FLOP TEXTURES AND FLOP PLAY, question 2:

      "Flop: (5.00 SB) K, T, 6 (1 players)"

      Should be 5 players. :)

      Question 3: No playercount at all.


      Question 1: No player count.
      Question 3: Wrong player count. Should be 2.

      Nothing really bad. :)

      Alright here my score:
      You managed to score 18 out of a total of 18 possible points. This corresponds to 100 %!

      I would discount the last hand even more. Like 3 for the 6, 0-1 for the J, 0 for my pair outs.
      Against 4 opponents the chance being against a K is to high.
    • ciRith
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      I haven't seen the result yet.
      Question 3. I like a) and c). Really close. If the TAG is very showdownbound I go for a) if he folds too much I go for c).
      Question 4. Why not capping the flop? We have a lot value and may even get a freecard on the turn. Very clear cap for me.
      a) and b) is close again. I see enough equity if BB doesn't 3-bet and the other both call. Else a) is the best choice.

      Turn are still 4 players. :P

      Question 8. 3 players not 2. :)

      Question 9. and 10. Really nice idea. :)

      Question 10. Some german words in there. :D

      You have achieved a total 18 of 20 possible points. This corresponds to 90 %!

      Hmm lost a point at 4 as I choosed a). Weak. :/
      And 1 point at 10. 4-suited is of course the most scary.
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      -First question in the "standard playing styles vs one oponnent" is actually a multiway pot :P . So I think it should be moved up a bit ;) .

      -The last link about odds and outs actually leads to a german article.


    • awishformore
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      Hi and thanks for the feedback everyone.

      About the silver quiz: I'm sorry about the mistakes, but if they are content related, they originate from the German one I translated, I will however fix them and let the German creator know.

      About the bronze quiz: it was an old quiz that was already previously published, but I will take a look at it and hope that most of the mistakes will be fixed soon.

      About the moderator/admin logo: I'm merely a humble translator who helps out with a few news from time to time - also, I like my Diamond :) .