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    • VasiliZaitsev
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      hi, i played for a few months on pokerstars 6max NLHE, but now i'm trying to find another poker site.
      i'd be interested in poker sites with rakeback or some vip program that would offer about 30% rakeback at 25nl 6max...
      what site do you recomend ?
      UNIBET vs PokerHeaven vs Mansion vs other sites

      PS: Whats with the loyality bonus from UNIBET ? Do i get some kind of rakeback ?
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    • SheepMoose
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      Full Tilt. Good software, 27% rakeback, a lot of traffic.
    • Anssi
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      I recommend ladbrokes. It has the loosest game by far. It has larger rake than many other sites, but the 1000000$ rakerace is easily equavalent to 35% rb if you can put even decent volume at those limits.
    • VasiliZaitsev
      Joined: 25.05.2008 Posts: 77
      If i create an accounth through pokerstrategy on pokerheave i get 30% RakeBack. But, will i then be able to renegociate the rakeback to 45% if i rake more than 1kEuro? (a friend of mine did this, but doesn't have the account through pokerstrategy)

      Another thing is that i don't understand the Loyalty Bonus on UNIBET ... how much rakeback does this mean ? Do i have to negociate with them ?

      thanks in advance