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      After a intresting drunken night off poker i now have a new challange under my belt. I wanted to play some poker last night but was a little to drunk to play for cash, so i decided i'd go to a site i dispise with a passion(pokerstars) and play a few of the 10FPP and 20FPP freerolls. In total i played only 3...cashing in 1 for a very naff $0.40 profit. Having no funds at pokerstars (due to my dislike of the site) i decided next to play some of there 360 seated $0.10 turbo S&G's. I cashed in 2 out of 4 of these, finishing 1st ($8.50) & 3rd ($4.00),(the others i didnt do so well) now my pokerstars account sits at $12.90. 1 beer latter i decided that i'm going to grow this $0 i started the night with up to a number not decided yet, probablly $1,000. So on that note i thought id blog every monday to share with you how my progress is going. This challange isnt about the money to me...(if it was about the money i wouldnt give up playing my cash games).

      This is what my poker tracker looks like after tonights drunken "antics":

      And this is my pokerstars account as it stands presantly:

      So thats how things stand presantly. Now i'll probablly either get some sleep or breakfast...then hit session.

      I'll hope you'll enjoy reading my updates and progress :)
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