Vote what to play yea:D

    • Alafoe
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      I got pacific 50$. So now I want withdraw at last $50.000=]

      I am sucesfull FR Limit player up to level 0.25/0.5 but failed to proceed to 0.5/1 (or 0.25/0.5 on iPoker). Basically from micro to low...

      I like Omaha and in recent days on PokerStars played it a lot. But after the losing quarter of my BR it was tough decision to step down to the lovest limit.

      Now at pacific I have some thoughts what to play but am undecided. Please choose the option you like the best.

      1/Master 0.5/1 limit game and improve my limit skills.

      2/Master NL /not shortstacking/ what basically means play micros up to 0.1 BB

      3/Master Omaha. I need to improve my preflop agression and decrease number of hands I play. I also want to be more patient about position.

      4/Master Omaha SH

      5/Master SNG

      Please vote what I shoud do.

      There is still chance to master roulette :s_love:
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