• goldi439
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      Hey guys

      Seen rakeback mentioned often, but i dont know what it is?

      so my question is what is rakeback and how do you go about getting it? I know that it is sumtype return.
      Can I get rakeback at a site that I signed up to with the pokerstrategy.com?
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    • wowadvisor
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      hi and welcome,

      every hand you win, the poker room you play at will take a small fee from the winning pot - this is called rake

      This is taken because they host the game and it keeps the poker software going and give us promotions and other bonuses.

      Some poker rooms offer rakeback. this means they will give a % of the rake you paid back to you.

      the following rooms will give u rakeback if you use the pokerstrategy bonus code:

      -Full tilt poker (27% rakeback)
      -cake poker (33% rakeback)
      -poker heaven (33% rakeback)

      visit the poker rooms page for more information. To read reviews and download instructions.

      good luck!