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I Need Help Dealing with Losses!!!

    • pwned94
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 22
      I recieved my $50 about a week ago and have been playing $1 SNGs and am break-even on those so far because I am a disciple of the Basic PS Strategy and am confident that I will start winning.

      However, Cash is where my problems start. If someone outdraws me in a SNG, I am often angry and try to get this money back playing cash. I am rather ashamed to admit that I have played as high as $.50/$1 to recoup only my SNG buy in.

      I have also played blackjack :(
      I know there is a house edge, but sometimes I get so frustrated that I try to win my money back, and although it has worked for me so far, I am scared because I know I will go broke doing this.

      Please somebody tell me how they deal with losing, because I feel like I am technically a good PLAYER, but am an awful self MANAGER.

      I have been following a 'maximum of 5% of BR' rule for cash buy-ins no higher than $.02c/.04c, but as I play heads up it is swingy and concerning me that I have such a weakness.

      I beileve that poker is a skill game, and because I am pretty sure that I am a good player, it is disconcerting to have this massive gambling weakness, which I know I need to be able to overcome to sustain my bankroll through the bad beats.

      My bankroll is $62 as I write, and I really don't want to lose it!

      Any help is greatly appreciated, and just so you know I have played poker for a few years before taking a long break. I have looked at my figures and was shown that I had played 5,000 SNGs on PokerStars (no higher than $10) with an ROI of 12%. I built a bankroll of about $10k, before cashing out to help finance work on my house.

      I am trying to start small, as it has been a while since I played back then!!

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    • dcmcfyl
      Joined: 16.02.2009 Posts: 28
      Just read the psychology articles, they have some really great advice. For me personally, I'm glad when I get a bad beat. I know that it means I got my money in good, and if I keep playing like that, I will make a profit in the long run. Don't worry about trying to win your money back from bad beats. That's what following proper BRM is for; to make sure that when you get bad beats you have a large enough buffer to recover, which will happen in the long run if you keep playing solid +EV poker. If however, you get really frustrated and feel tempted to do something stupid, just stop playing. Turn off your computer, go for a walk, watch TV or a movie, go hang out with some friends. Just do something to take your mind off of it and try again either later that day, the next day or whenever you're in a better state of mind. Whatever you do, don't start chasing your losses.