Hello. Smthg like one week ago i asked FTP suport about first deposit bonus. And I got answer:
Regarding your 100% Deposit Bonus, your $50 affiliate bonus already activated this bonus, and we're pleased to inform you that you're still eligible to earn up to $550 more.
To take full advantage of our 100% Deposit Bonus, just make a deposit to your Full Tilt Poker account for up to $550, then email us back to have your new bonus applied.

So i made my first deposit of 530$ and contacted them to activate my bonus. And now this is what i got:
Upon review of your account, I see that you have earned your 100% initial deposit bonus in full.
To view your bonus details, click on "Bonus Account" in the cashier window. The column labeled "Total Bonus" shows you were eligible for a $50 bonus. Look under the column labeled "Bonus Earned" to see $50, your current accumulated bonus amount.
The initial deposit bonus is released from a player's bonus account to their cash account in increments of 10% or $20, whichever is less. In your case, your bonus was released into your Full Tilt Poker account with each $50 you earned.

So wtf? Is it mistake of one of FTP supporters. Or did i misunderstood smthg? Please someone explain me. I need to clear the bonus as fast as i can. And if they will activate my bonus will points count from the day i deposited or from day they activate it? Please help