Players with unusual leaks

    • howard182
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      I met a player today (not on party so there's no point in asking for his name ;) ) with a very strange and very exploitable leak (and a 500bb stack): he didn't respect oversized bets and all ins in the slightest and would usually call with any hand and any primary draw (and he didn't do this against reasonably sized bets). Although I failed to flop big against him despite getting into many hands with him (and he was in practically every hand) this observation proved correct when I made an oversized raise of 8bb first in with AA, which he predictably called, and shoved my overpair on the flop (T84 with two hearts, I think), which he called with a small flush draw.

      What he was thinking I don't know, although I intend to do as much... research as possible. Have you (yes, you) played with any opponents with similarly strange leaks?
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