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    • pelikan114
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      I am asking regarding the silver SnG article Pre-flop Play in the Early Stage (

      This article contradicts the Starting Hands Chart, which says always fold AQ after a raise. This article says you can call a preflop raise in certain situations.

      2. The Starting Hands Chart says to push AK preflop after getting reraised (early phase). Now this article sharply contradicts that in saying that you should fold a strong hand like QQ with even a slightly higher than 50% chance to win based on ICM. Now how could I push AK preflop when I am an underdog against any pocket pair? This should be a downright mistake...
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    • fakedurrr
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      Silver articles are writen for higher limits, when there isnt so many newbies who knows at least a little buit what are they doing, they expect u to perserve chips so taht u can push withh bigger FE later on
      and it all depends even on type of SnG u are playing and how much u are multiotabling
    • Raisolution
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      The article just brings you to the next level of sng. The starting hands charts are for the novice players, to get feel of the game, what when and how to do it. You can't always play such a complicated game as poker according to charts. So the article says that there is nothing wrong, when a LAG player has raised, to call him with your AQ if you are aware, that you are ahead of his range there :) About the AK, yes you are 2/3% underdog, but you forget FE. He will not always call you, so your move could be +EV. For me, it again depends on reads and if I think he is calling, I prefer to fold it, instead of coinfliping for my tournament life in the first hand ( it's actually situational, sometimes i might :tongue: ) .
      Hope I helped you.
    • zhenzhenZHEN
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      well first off, with QQ you try to get all the chips in preflop aswell, why would you fold it? You're flipping with only AK, crush 22-JJ and are only dominated by two hands AA and KK

      people reraise with all kinds of hands like AT AJ AQ TT JJ or worse

      and same with AK, you have tons of fold equity pushing, crush his Ax type hands and are flipping with any pocket pair < KK
      also just think: in the first hand of a SNG, would you call a shove with 22-JJ? so we make tons of money when they fold to our shove picking up like 9-12 bb each time