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[NL20-NL50] NL50 JJ in a 3bet pot

    • radyan111
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 1,151
      Party Poker $50 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players - View hand 311643
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      CO: $66.26
      BTN: $50.00
      SB: $50.00
      Hero (BB): $50.00
      UTG: $67.87
      MP: $106.29

      Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is BB with J :heart: J :diamond:
      1 fold, MP raises to $1.50, 3 folds, Hero raises to $5, MP calls $3.50

      Flop: ($10.25) 5 :heart: 7 :club: 7 :spade: (2 players)
      Hero bets $6, MP raises to $12, Hero raises to $45 all in, MP calls $33

      Turn: ($100.25) 9 :club: (2 players - 1 is all in)

      River: ($100.25) K :club: (2 players - 1 is all in)
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    • maya1984
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 1,741
      wa/wb on the flop. I'd b/c flop. turn is gonna be harder if he bets again.
      you will have half of your stack in the pot. With out any reads it's going to be a guessing game if he bluff or have QQ+.
      I'll wait to hear tamairlarace opinion.
    • shortfuse
      Joined: 02.07.2009 Posts: 450
      According to textbook play he shouldn't really have QQ+ though he may be mixing things up so he may do.

      If I played this I would have thought he was trying to steal the pot with a minraise; which is so gay lol.

      He may have 55 though this is unlikely.

      I can't see how you can get away from this hand, villain could have slowplayed QQ+ very well like this in which case sucks for you...

      Such a strange board noone should have hit. You were either massive favourite or dog when money went in obvs tricky spot
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      You'll see mostly three types of hands when a decent player flats preflop and minraises the flop:

      - 9x/88-TT going for some protection raise
      - a cheap bluff
      - slowplayed KK+ or 7x (very few of those in his range) trying to induce

      We can't do anything about KK+ without reads, we'll get stacked. Depending on whether you think he'll call it off with 88-TT, which most of them won't, 3betting the flop to look bluffier might be fine. When you do tho, he can't bluff anymore if that's what he was doing. Since we're in position i'd mostly just flat to see if he wants to bluff again (or bet something else who knows :p), and shove over a turn bet.

      I think the same mostly applies to a bad player, except he's more likely to call it off on the flop, but he might also be bluffier so who knows. You can't really go wrong there, but imo if villain is a decent player you stand a better chance to get more money from worse hands by simply calling the flop provided you don't have a crazy dynamic of bluff raising either others on dry boards.

      Hope it helps.