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    • BoyRobot777
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      Hi, i find it that i usually dont know how to play them. I do raise them from any position like any other premium hand, so it would be disguise if i hit it, but unfortunately my playing with them is -EV. So, the problem is:1. How am suppost to play them if i hit? 2. How am suppost to play them when i dont hit? 3. Which boards should i ConBet (despite obvious A,K,Q high)?
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    • BoyRobot777
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      it just seems they fold too many times when i hit, and call too many times when i don't. And on the turn am usually lost
    • BoyRobot777
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      omg, its pocket pairs :D
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      hit more sets
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      If you hit, most of the time you play them fast
      If you dont hit, bluff cr PPs aint a good idea too often. If you get called you only got 2 outs. so raising 2nd pairs as a semibluff leaves you at least with 5 outs
      Maybe should be aware of the fact that you dont always just call fot Setvalue.
      77-TT do also have the Pair value even if you see an overcard. So maybe your playig fit or fold too often.

      Cbetting Flops depends on ou opponents reaction to cbets and his PF Range.

      cbetting a 267 2s board and then cf Turn, River aint a good idea.
      You get bluff raised too often or get bluffed out later. Same 68J 2s
      You cant give generalizations to that point. Think of what your oppenents range is, does it hit the board. Do you have FE...

      I dont know if your question is only bout how to play with initiative. But this should help you I hope.
      Another point might be that your overall cr, and raising Range might be too strong. If you only cr a Set or Top2 you obv will get too much credit for exact your hand...

      you might wanna post some hands here, so we can discuss them later tonight

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      Hey guys,

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