Well, i've been planing to do a blog for some time!! Since i don't have much to do and i'm still waiting for the movie "Into the wild" to be "available" i might as well do some blogging!!

I'm 26 years old and from Portugal!! My love is not poker but rather another espectrum of gambling, a very respected one (well at least before the crisis hit in 2008 lol), cause sometimes people invest there lol. My love is for the stock market and i find it very similar to poker, even if a LOT easier :-)

Well i've been playing for some time at nl10 and moved to nl25 a short time ago!! Since i don't have the best BRM i keep coming down cause of suckouts. Well to me a suckout is when i have more than 80% equity in the all in just to make me clear!!

Well i'm planning to put my graph here regularly and some strategy discussion ;-)