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      I have an idea for a challenge for everyone who plays on Full Tilt. It has to do with the new steps Sit N Gos.

      Basically the idea is for everyone to buy-in to a steps SnG at the lowest possible level $3, and see who can go the further with their small initial investment. There is a limit to how many times you can re-buy, just to make it more challenging.

      Here are the rules that i've thought up so far, and its quite simple. Here goes:

      1. Everyone start with $10. You can buy in to 3xStep 1 tournaments, or 1xStep 2 tournament with this money. Once you've burned your $10, that's it, you're out.

      2. You can play in any tournament type that you wish, 6-max, HU, 9-man, 18-man.

      3. The winner will be determined by who gets to the highest level. If you qualify for the WSOP, you obviously win.

      4. To get more info on the Steps SnG, checkout http://p.fulltiltpoker.com/steps-tournaments

      So what are the prizes?

      1st: A stupendous amount of respect
      2nd: A huge amount of respect
      3rd: A lot of respect
      4th-6th: A decent amount of respect
      7th-10th: Some respect

      How do you join?

      1. Make sure you have $10 in your FTP account.
      2. Report in here that you wish to participate
      3. Report your progress to the thread periodically.

      I might start a separate thread for progress tracking purposes, if quite a few people decide they want to join in.

      Hope you like the idea, if you have any suggestions to make it better, do chime in!
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