Quiz of the week: Loose Open Raises in Early Position

    • ysraM
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      This week PokerStrategists can test on their play on 6-max tables when sitting in the early position. In eleven different tasks you should carefully decide whether to open raise or root for a tough fold. Don't forget to consider the table's image when making your choice.

      Being the first-to-act on a 6-max table your openraising range is not easy to determine. What situations can you expect, how often are you going to get called, how often will you even encounter a 3-bet?

      [b][center]Quiz of the week: Loose Open Raises in Early Position[/b][/center]

      How did you do? Feedback is always appreciated!
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    • Renmerb
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      88% - 29 out of 33

      Lost points when I raised the A2s, looking for some multi-way action. Then when I folded the KJo trying to avoid a multi-way situation, a hand I would normally raise but opponents stats really put me off the idea.

      Otherwise, happy enough.
    • Jeffers16
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      33 of 33 equals 100%!

      Thought this quiz was quite easy, maybe would have been nice with some more marginal spots.

      Still its always nice to revise what you already know.

    • Tampaloeres81
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      You've reached 33 of 33 possible points. That equals 100 % !

      Yeah baby!