Anyone interested in writing here goes:

I intend this post to a push for us to take this event seriously.


Members of the Portuguese community.


-In one place the members of the Portuguese community;

- Spanish Community (taking advantage of the fact that they are our neighbors);

- Browse English (at the time of the event many Englishmen will be here on vacation;

- Other communities;

objectives of the event:

-Provide all the members of the Strategy, including socializing and a great experience for everyone.

- For me and other members will be the 1st tournament live.

- Giving further relief to walk into the Portuguese community.


(Below this one will be chosen by vote)

- Casino Estoril;

- Casino de Espinho;

- Casino Figueira;

- Casino de Vilamoura;

date to choose:

- June;

- July;

- August;


We need to check who needs accommodation for so you can have greater bargaining with hotels and terms so cheaper prices.


-It is important memos, what matters is the honor in all that we can attend the event.

- I suggest a Freezout tournament.


After the tournament I would suggest that there is such a cocktail, which were renting a place to do it and to get the cheapest member of the strategy "was the DJ.

Or alternatively made judgments of a nightclub or a bar area where there would only enter into and the local community only girls.

I apologize for this humble post not tar better what I want with it is to try to motivate the rest of the community in organizing the event.

Announcing the initiative by your friends and ask for them to post here to make the event a reality.

If you give me permission I will spread the initiative by the community Spanish and English.

We do not think that the PS can do for us but what we can do for PS