Can I play with a deep stack when I am silver status

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      Hey guys

      Thanks for the $50 - thats a lot of money in my African country :P

      I have been grinding out the SSS for the past month and now have 120+ points on party so am eagerly checking your site daily for my upgrade to Silver.

      I just wanted to ask - will I be 'allowed' to play BSS when I get silver status? I think I have the bronze SSS under my belt and I am making far fewer mistakes than when I started it - unfortunately I have not really built a bank roll yet, I seem to go up and down alot (damn variance)!! Fortunately I have not lost any of the $50 either.

      I must be honest that I am getting quite bored of SSS. I am playing 4+ tables at a time (btw is an excellent programm that manages multiple tables for you) but it really doesn't require much thinking. Unfortunately when I do think, I lose. It just shows that your strategy is excellent.

      Sorry to write suck a long post - it is my first one so you guys can publish it when I am rich and famous ;)

      I can't wait to do play some thinking poker and get into the silver strategy articles etc. I will definitely post some hands after that.

      Keep up the good website and the good work.
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