Preflop raise Sizing

    • Hlynkinn
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      Atm my preflop raise sizes are like this:
      4xbb = 10/20
      3xbb = 15/30
      2.5xbb = 40/80

      I was just re-reading some of the articles and they they said you should raise:
      5xbb = 10/20
      4xbb = 15/30
      3xbb = 25/50
      2.5xbb = 40/80

      so ??? what should I be raising preflop?

      And yea I know it's pretty strange for an experienced player like me to be asking about preflop raises lmao :D
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    • rex99
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      that happens at the best families...

    • bradomurder
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      I personally use your first sizings. sometimes 3x at 10/20. I do this because it costs me less to conti when I miss and if you hit TPTK compared to their TP you can usually get a stack in anyway.

      I'm not really sure what is "correct" I used to go with the 2nd sizings to get more $$ in with a good hand but I found a raise-conti was costing a bit much.
    • viewer88
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      The raisesizes in the article is excessive imo... perhaps they're ment for partypoker stacks?

      I only raise 4BB on the 10/20 level, above only between 3 and 2.3 BB depending on position, hand, stacks, ...

      Smaller raisesizing is nice for steals from 25/50 onward, because you'll often end up on flops where you want a cheap cbet.
    • gedwashere91
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      Your raise sizings are pretty standard imo. Article raise sizes are weird. You dont really want to inflate the pot too much pre in case you hit a really bad flop and have to abandon the hand after a failed cbet.