When PokerStrategy.com was doing its first steps, we had neither videos nor coachings and just a handful of strategy articles. Whoever wanted to learn more had to rely on the forum and hand evaluations. Back then, Korn supported all users on the forums, answering each and every query personally. By now we have a competent team of honorary and professional hand judges who take care of your evaluations.

It's only natural that with today's vast amount of videos and daily coachings the spotlight on hand evaluations shines a little dimmer. But we're convinced that especially active learning and discussion play a huge role in the development of your poker skills. The passive learning that is achieved by watching videos has its upsides but that shouldn't steal the show for active learning which is done best by participating in discussions. A didactically optimized education by gradually better videos actually poses the risk that players will become less analytical as more and more content is being presented to them without a need to become active.

So that's why we, naturally, think about how we can improve our service in the hand evaluation boards and make it more appealing to you. Your feedback on this matter is especially cherished and important.

How can the service in the hand evaluation boards be improved? How can we make them more appealing? Post your ideas in this thread - we're looking forward to your ideas!

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