Why do I have to make an ID-check?

    • HannesZ
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      Before you can withdraw from Mansion Poker, you have to send your ID to verify that you are at least 18 years of age. With this procedure, Mansion protects its players and the company itself from deceit.

      As soon as you did this, your account will be upgraded in order to allow the withdrawal. This means that in general, you should never need to send your ID again.

      The ID can be...
      • a driving license with a photo
      • an identity card
      • another identification card issued by the government

      The ID can be sent
      • Make sure that the photo and your signature are clearly visible on the ID, before you send it to Mansion Poker.

      The ID can be sent in 2 different ways:
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    • Solidius
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      I am trying to withdraw my money from Mansion Poker. They asked for my ID and i sent to them, then they asked for a bill which shows my address, i sent the bill to them and now they ask for the ID of the person that his name is written on the bill (the bill is not on my name). Why they ask for that much ? Other sites just ask for the id.
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      Hi Solidus,

      Poker Rooms will ask for lot's of different things when verifying player accounts. I know this can be frustrating but it's best to comply and get it over and done with.

      Keep us updated and hope you can get this matter resolved soon!

      Best wishes,
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