From $250 to $1000 in ~ 2 months

    • nitaidean
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      I've been playing online poker on and off for awhile now, maybe a year, but have been stuck around the 200-300 on my fulltilt account for forever. But since joining Poker Strategy, and opening a new account on Poker Stars through them, I've made it up to $1000 in just about 2 months, since I've joined here.

      Through watching the strategy videos (mainly from Hasenbratten!) I've managed to bring my game up to 12bb/100 on NL10 and worked my way to the big 1k =)

      So thanks a lot, I'm indebted to this site for teaching me to play right and providing a good community to exchange ideas and spam with=p

      Expect a new post at the 10k mark!

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