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    • konkey
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      Hi people,
      How do you review your sessions? I have PT3 and sometimes I just don't want to review my session because i'm too lazy and it isn't that interesting. But maybe I'm applying bad system. How do your session review look like?
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    • Wriggers
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      The way I do it is too first review my biggest winning and losing hands, then I look at my medium winning and losing hands (eg 25bb-60bb pot), then I look at my strong made hands and see if I extracted enough value from these hands.

      Hope it helps because I while back I was having trouble reviewing my sessions :)
    • Helipacter
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      I use the hand eval forums here. Get an expert's advice for free :-)

      I'm also going to start going over some "mistake" hands with Pokerstove, just to start getting used to EV calcs...