Moving up the stars nlhu field

    • ihufa
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      This blog is really just for myself to keep track of results which I will update every day with #hands played and $ won/lost.

      brm is minumum 10 buyins, if I drop to 9½ buyins during a shot i must move down immediatly.
      After spewing 500$ in the wcoop putting me 500$ behind of where i should be climbing the ladder i've decided to BAN myself from stars tourneys (yes they have such a function).

      I started a little week ago with two buyins for nl50 (since i can't move down below nl50 this was fine!)

      Im currently on the edge of moving to 100nl with a roll of $966

      I pretty much started the blog since i had to take a break because i lost 4 buyins to a fish on nl50 ruining my 100nl shot >.<

      When playing I'll use a 2 buyin stoploss and by stop i mean take a 20 minute break, which seems like a brilliant plan when playing HU

      ok that's the rant, cya
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