I've been studying the silver articles and there's alot of really good information. I'm really impressed with the way you guys structured this site. I'm already looking forward to the gold articles :D .
I esp liked "How to play against other SSS", it will be very usefull in the short run and it got me thinking about table selection...
It states, under further tips and advice, that it's +EV to have SSS to your right, because he will fold alot and you know his range obv. Although I can see possibilities with this tactic. I've been trying to avoid a SSS to my immediate right.
What I've been trying to do is get a SSS to my imm. left and a BSS to my imm. right. So I have position on the BS and I could steal the BB from SS. Ideally there would be 2 SSS to my imm left, for max steal opportunities. Also (depending on how they play) I kinda have an extra button, because they're so tight. Now I'm thinking a SSS on my right could work to, I just have to adjust strategy a bit. A BSS on my left would still be bad mojo imo. But it does widen table selection.

Obv I play on party poker and SSS are unfortunately overpopulating, so I can't avoid them. How do other low limit party players find good tables?