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Q about points.

    • royalbulet
      Joined: 04.08.2010 Posts: 107
      Hi all,
      This question is mainly adressed to Mods/Admins but if anyone knows the answer feel free to reply pls.

      Got some whierd thing going on.
      In my total lifetime strategy pts its shows that i have 232.8 . ( 100 i got form Moneybookers account )
      But on the right , where the pokerplatform are , ( on the main page - home ) it shows i have 94.0 strategy pts.
      132,8 does not equal 94,0 after my calculations :)
      where did the rest come from? or why dont i have them in the right side?

      Regards , and sorry for my noob-ness

      Bulet :)
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi royalbulet,

      The lifetime Strategy points are used to track your progress towards the ultimate Black Member status.

      The rolling points on the right of the screen are the ones that determine your current PokerStrategy status (Bronze, Silver, Gold etc).
      These rolling points are explained in detail on the following link and it's sub-menus:

      In particular the following section:

      In order to calculate the StrategyPoints which determine your status, we follow these three steps:

      * We consider your overall StrategyPoints for the last 42 days
      * We detect a continuous period of 28 days in which you gained the most StrategyPoints
      * The total number of points for this period determines your status

      This means that if you move up to a higher status level, you won't move back down for at
      least two weeks.

      Your StrategyPoints are updated automatically on a daily basis. There may be minor exceptions depending on how quickly we receive updates from your poker room(s).
      Hope this helps. If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to shout.

      Best regards,

    • royalbulet
      Joined: 04.08.2010 Posts: 107
      yay , thank you bart , now i understand.

      so it's true , u rly dont sleep :) ))
      BAT !!

      hehe jokes aside , i really apreciate the answer.
      and i'm guessing every 2 weeks the rolling pts are allso reset.
      and 1 question tho. if for example i upgrade to gold from bronze. what happens if i dont meet the necesarry rolling pts ? do i go back to beeing bronze or downgrade 1 lvl = silver?

      EDIT : 1 more Q : why on 22.09.2010 - on the rolling pts it shows 32.4 and up on the same siede when i go at party poker it shows 22,4 ? can't figure this 1 either. :)


      Cristian ( btw this is the 1st time i use my name on the signature OoOOo :D )
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      lol Cristian, yeah I always sleep with 1 eye open :P

      When you reach a higher status (e.g. to Gold), you will gain that status straight away (allow a day or so whilst points get update) and will get access to all of the Gold material, videos, coaching sessions etc.

      If you don't maintain the necessary points during your best 28 days run during the last 42, your status will drop back down to Silver or Bronze etc. until such time that your points reach the target again.

      The beauty of taking your best 28 days run though is that you can take a break from poker for a week or two and still retain your status or quickly move back up when you return and start playing again.

      PokerStrategy also have a print option next to most strategy guides, so if you find a particularly useful (or long ;) ) Gold article, you can always print yourself out a copy.

      Hope this helps,

      Bart :D
    • royalbulet
      Joined: 04.08.2010 Posts: 107
      hmm , well didnt quite answer my question Bart :)
      I am bronze now , lets say ( allthos allmoast impossible ) but still , that i move straight to gold . i make like 700 pts in 1 day. do i drop back to silver or back to bronze?

      rest is ok. ty a bunch bart