The fifth and final board card in Hold'em or Omaha is called the river or 5th street.

Flop Turn River

In Seven Card Stud, the seventh and final card dealt to the players is called the river, or 7th street.

Evaluation of the River Card in Texas Hold'em and Omaha

Just as in the turn, the river card is called blank if it is not likely to help anybody, i.e. it is not a high card and does not complete possible draws. A two on the river is a blank if the flop and turn were high, unsuited cards.

A river card that is likely to have helped some player is called a scarecard. A third board card of one suit is scary because it enables flushes. An ace after a harmless flop and turn would also be a scarecard. Such cards have the effect of startling players and can be more easily used for a bluff than blanks since it is more believable that the bluffing player might have been helped by the scarecard.

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