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Asaban is your guide in a new five-week course on Multi Table Tournaments aimed at new players, starting tonight with the very basics from 19:30 CET

Game type: MTT
Coach: AdminAsaban
Status: Basic Free
Time: May 13 19:30 to 21:00 CET
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Today we announce another one of our new training courses with our expert coaches in the Poker School. Many of our regular live coaching sessions will focus on specialised topics over a number of weeks, for a much more tailored and detailed approach to learning. 

Starting tonight our MTT grinder AdminAsaban will be hosting a weekly Free free beginner MTT course.

This course is aimed at novices who are new to tournament poker, as it will cover all the fundamentals of tournament play. If you have never attended one of our live coachings before, this would be a great place to start. 

MTT Beginner Coaching

• May 13: Getting started with MTTs, what you need to know and how to beat them. 

• May 20: Pre and post flop strategies in the early stages of MTTs. 

• May 27: The middle stages of tournaments. Push/fold play, steals and resteals. 

• June 3: Late stage strategy and final table play. 

• June 10: The final quiz to test what you have learned. 

To learn more, ask questions and give feedback, check out Asaban's MTT coaching thread.  

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