English community moderator wins Micro Millions event

Last week a legend of the PokerStrategy.com English speaking community had their day in the sun by winning a Micro Millions event.


VorpalF2F is our longest serving moderator having been a member since 2010 with over 10,000 posts.

Last week he defeated a field of 3,062 low stakes hopefuls to win the $3.30 Fixed Limit Triple Draw event for an impressive $1,302.80. He also streamed it on his Twitch channel.

He is a big fan of the lesser played formats like Triple Draw and 5 Card Draw, and commented after the win

I just kept to the philosophy "play only strong hands aggressively" -- and I got more than my fair share of strong hands, that's for sure!
mtt win
VorpalF2F's win

You can read more about his win and congratulate him in person over at his popular blog, but until then congratulations from everyone at PokerStrategy.com.

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Comments (20)

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  • Lazza61


    Awesome :) Really enjoyed HU on the stream.
  • Thiamtan


    good work


    Super Moderator Barry, not just an ordinary Moderator!
  • Marta


    Well done Vorpal!


    Well done again Vorpal :) A true gentlemen and hard-working forum king!
  • badbeatuk


    Big congrats !
  • nsavov


    Congratulations and good job! Im so jelly :D
  • Zeezout


    Gratz! Nice job! :)
  • CucumbaMan


    Huuuuuge congrats Vorpal! Good job!
  • arthurbentley


    Nice one.
  • Juelz84


  • pirivicky


    Nice job
  • imgoingtomirage


  • Primrose6789


    Yaaaay, cooool! :)
  • LUCKYberioza


    congretilaions !!! i Will be next ))
  • Yuris125


    Big congratulations Vorpal!
  • VorpalF2F


    A big thanks to everyone who supported me. It was an exhilarating game -- I only wish I had recorded it from the final table onwards.

    I not only got more than the usual number of good hands to play, I got the draws, and I got them when I needed them most.
  • LemOn36


  • tuliosousa25


    Nice! Congratulations to you my friend!
  • CptJokerFish