Getting back to business at the high stakes

We are back with a brand new series of high stakes hand reviews, starting off with a tricky spot on the river for you to solve!

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Finally back at the tables

Welcome back to another batch of high octane high stakes hand, accompanied by our own detailed reviews of them!

There are some new faces at the table this time, unfortunately though, there's almost no information out there yet on Stakelis24 and JMBigJoe. This leads to a strong possibility that at least one of them is a recreational player, especially since our Hero in this hand Belqi is only taking a gander at the higher stakes when there are soft tables around.

He is far more active at lower limits and considered a regular there, still despite that, there is already a profile on him at Involved in the hand as well is Bit2Easy who is, just like antoha1998, a player of the younger generation starting to catch attention of others at the high stakes.

Getting back to business

There's not much to analyse about the preflop play, the call of the Big Blind with is pretty much standard. Things get way more interesting on the flop, though.

High Roller Analyse hand history
Today's action in detail

Running both players' possible ranges on this flop against one another should reveal that Hero is actually in better shape, despite having to play out of position.

With his gutshot and backdoor flush draw his plan in this spot should be to either check/call or check/raise since both lines would make it harder for the preflop aggressor to put him on a specific range.

A promising turn


The next street earns us the straight we've hoped for. Since Villain will only rarely still bluff here and instead check to the river more regularly, we decide to spice things up with a donk bet.

The reasons are simple. We should be a huge favourite at this point and the majority of the opponent's range won't contain any flush draws, especially with us holding the nut draw in diamonds. There's really nothing speaking against a small bet from us here.

Big decision on the riverNL High Stakes Analyse

It's crunch time now. The that hit on the river is far from perfect. Since we have roughly pot-size left, we could of course simply bet and go all-in, expecting Villain to call with some sets and two pairs with the given odds.

Another option would be to slow things down and check first-in, hopefully inducing some bluffs by the opponent that we can subsequently call, regardless of whether he bets or goes all-in.

The last choice would be to check as well, this time with the plan to fold against an all-in though and only call a bet of up to 1/3 the pot.

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